TE-EPC News, 16/10/2017

Carlo Baccigalupi was awarded the 2017 Carlo Offelli Prize during the Forum Nazionale Misure, which took place in Modena (Italy), from 13 to 16 September.
(Image: Matteo Di Cosmo/CERN)

Carlo Baccigalupi, currently working at CERN in the framework of the fellowship programme, was awarded the 2017 Carlo Offelli Prize (link is external) for his PhD dissertation, titled "High-Repeatable Data Acquisition Systems for Pulsed Power Converters in Particle Accelerator Structures". Carlo Baccigalupi's PhD research was carried out at CERN in 2013-2016 for the CLIC project, under the supervision of Dr. Michele Martino, member of TE-EPC-HPM.

Baccigalupi’s dissertation was selected as the best PhD dissertation among all Italian students, in the field of electrical and electronics measurements, belonging to the GMEE group (link is external) (Gruppo Misure Elettriche ed Elettroniche), which gathers students, researchers and professors (as well as many professionals) working in this specific field.

Baccigalupi now works on the upgrade of the most accurate analogue-digital converter currently used for LHC power converters, in order to cope with the unprecedented performances required by the High-Luminosity LHC project.

by Anaïs Schaeffer