TE-EPC News, 19/06/2017

RF25kV Power Converters

In the frame of CERN Proton Synchrotron (PS) consolidation upgrade, a new power converter has been developed to supply the tetrodes of the  40 MHz and 80 MHz radio frequency (RF) cavities. The main purpose of this new converter is to provide twice the power of the existing power supplies and to increase the system availability.The power converter is based on a resonant topology and a modular architecture, with 200 kW output power at 25 kV DC.








Operation of the first converter

A first converter has been successfully commissioned on the PS C40‑77 cavity and the converter is now in operation. The following measurements show the cycled output voltage of the converter from 15kV to 22kV (red) and the current drawn by the cavity (blue).